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Our Design Team's combined experience is able to produce comprehensive design solutions for Hot & Cold Water, Re-Use Water. Sanitary Plumbing & Drainage, Gas & Stormwater. We expertise in an array of buildings:

  • Multi-Dwelling Residential Apartments

  • High Rise Residential Apartments

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Shopping Centres

  • Schools

  • Retail Tenancies 


Hydraulic Design

3d Modelling

We utilise Autodesk Revit software to deliver accurate and precise 3d modeling. We ensure that our BIM Services are compliant to construction standards and BIM standards. Our BIM Engineers are experts in handling Architectural and Structural design constraints during MEP BIM Modeling and Co-ordination process

We are able to deliver your projects specific level of detail, from LOD 100 right through to LOD 500. 


Clash Detection

We use Revit & Naviswork software to track construction hazards, detecting interference, or anticipating potential delays owing to re-designing or any other issues arising in the virtual construction modeling stage. Interference checks allow the contractors, builders, and the Architects / Engineers to have a visual picture and data report for complete resolution of the clashes overall. 


Penetration Tracking

It is becoming ever more important to ensure not only your fire stopping solution is compliant but also producing a compliant fire penetration register in accordance with AS 4072.1. 

We can offer in addition of penetration set-outs, appropriately documented information relating to all installed service penetrations on your project for final certification and reporting. Please contact us to find out how we can help your company!


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